Friday Music


When I go to a gig I sometimes miss the support act. It is disrespectful I suppose; someone is trying to make the grade/get experience and you miss them or walk in half way through what they are doing.

Back in 2000, I went to a gig (actually, it was one of the rare occasions my wife came, so it was a ‘concert‘) when we lived in North Wales. It was Maire Brennan; my wife had a couple of her cds and they were good, so I decided to go. She was good, but it was the support act I remember the most. This guy shambled onto the stage, dreadlocked and spoke quirklily in a strong Northern Irish accent and then began to sing….to be honest: all I can remember from that gig was him. He was amazing. The next day, pre easy on line cd sales, I managed to track down his CD and bought it.

He has since changed his stage name to Duke Special and tours often with a band. I have featured some of his music here before. The music under Duke Special is has developed and is different, but I still play that CD- it brings back so many memories and your first love often remains so.

He so rarely tours around these parts: an intimate gig about 4 years ago sold out instantly- but a larger gig is on in a few days not far from here. I think I am going….

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