I am very excited

I always get so excited about the prospect of going to a gig. This has got more pronounced as I have got older (at a time, I suppose when I ‘should’ have got less excited): sometimes I feel I am living my life in reverse… There is something about live music that lifts me so much.

Today I will be meeting these two guys at my village hall. Even writing those words sounds so strange, but this is the 3rd gig I have set up in this village in the last 10 months. I really don’t know how that happened: a friend said ‘why don’t you?’ to my ‘if only’ and I did.

I am looking forward to it, although I feel responsible- even though I am acting as chair of the friends of the village hall, I booked these people & mercilessly trolled my friends to buy tickets.

One of my friends said ‘What you are doing is ‘gigevengelism’. I have never seen it as such, but I guess he has a point: it builds community, connects friends more deeply and gives me a contact group who I mercilessly facebook/text/tweet. Another friend once said ‘I know I got a text from you, but I didn’t read it as you are always inviting me to something’.

Anyway- we have a crowd: more than the minimum number that the manager wanted, but still room for more. Tickets on the door or from http://www.wegottickets.com/event/279140

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