I’m thinking about Grace part 49

It is Easter Saturday. I come from a tradition that doesn’t ‘do’ this, but this post is tangentially (I love that word- gives me licence to say anything…) about resurrection and hope.

I am supposed to read. Honest. It’s part of my ‘job’- well it seems to be in my ordination vows. I would give myself 8/10 for buying books and 4/10 for reading them, although that is a creep up from the original 3/10 and I think I may be going up to 4.5/10.

I could never understand fully the minister who said ‘The last new book on my shelf was from my time at college’ and then would procede to outline how they willingly and invariably worked 29 hours a day for 455 days in a row and never had holidays (this is getting dangerously close to Monty Python) and ending with the covert (and sometimes overt) ‘..and you’ll soon learn laddie!’. Ok – that is a parody and it is not very graceful.

But, imagine- you are supposed to read. And it is part of your job! How good is that!

That, today, fills me with an appreciation of Grace. I’ve just started this:-

…only a few pages in (and much less swearing and gratuitous violence than my current David Pearce novel)…. but wow, wow and double wow. Particularly ‘golden’ was sitting on the church wall last week, waiting for someone to turn up and being able to read, leisurely, in the open air.

Buy it, borrow it, steal it (note: I may have used irony there)….now or sooner. It is theology without being abstruse and up it’s own bottom. What do we mean about Resurrection, about Heaven? I’m reading and having my eyes opened to Hope and to Grace….

2 thoughts on “I’m thinking about Grace part 49”

  1. I agree – Tom’s book is excellent. I read his Big One first (almost 800 pages, and solid discussion of so many resources – the footnotes alone are a whole library of stuff) and found “Surprised by Hope” a useful summary and development.

    As to finding the time to read: I signed up for a Master’s, which MADE me read. Now I’m finished, it’s a bit more difficult to fit in reading and research. I mean, there are so many blogs to read… Oh, yeah, that’s what I wasn’t doing before! 😉

  2. …when I did my MA at Cliff, blogs were an acceptable method of research. Of course it depends on the blog: ‘Boro till I die’ and ‘Great Western 0-6-0s’ may not be the most theologically enriching…

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