More on Harvest: farming

I ‘repurposed’ a Harvest Service on Sunday (I like that jargon!) and pulled bits together from other services. There; I just confessed- I am not fresh and original, but a tired remixer.

Looking at some prayers I had used from 10 years ago, there were all the standard Harvest prayers for others. You know, the ones where we pray for those who work in famine relief and for farmers in developing countries. All good and all necessary: the money given by ordinary church goers to relief agencies often staggers me.

Then I realised how I had changed in 10 years. Prior to that, as a city boy and then living and working in large towns, British farming was not something that I really knew anything about (Note: if you want to learn anything about British farming, don’t read any of the metropolitan based broadsheets).

Now, the prayers I led included British farmers who also struggle: I have seen this at close hand. I now realise how even the most apparently wealthy farmer is so dependent on the weather: one bad harvest or one sociopathic supermarket cutting the milk price and livelihoods are threatened.

I have not joined the Countryside Alliance, but I am learning…

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