Oh heck, blast and darn it all.

I’m preaching in another church today, miles away from where I live. A lot of people go there on Sunday: more than I would normally see in a whole month round these parts.

They have told me they want me to speak on prayer. When I was was told this I felt like the guy who had been asked to play guitar in a band and when asked to play in D, said ‘What is ‘D’- is it some type of uniform, or a different room…no don’t tell me, it’s a song isn’t it? Hey what are these things on the guitar? When I play Guitar Hero there are buttons on the guitar: this one looks like it has 6 pieces of wire on- what are they?’

The minister told me to use Luke 11: The Lord’s Prayer. When I read it, re read it and read it some more it didn’t look much like the prayers that I pray. Here is a quote, a bit extreme perhaps:

‘I have come to the conclusion, not least from personal experience, that prayer is a way for Christians to be narcissistic with both a good conscience and public approval’.


I think I’m going to learn more this morning than most. But then I do not find assertions by preachers along the lines of ‘I gave them the Word’/ ‘Boy, did I preach today!’/ ‘These people needed to hear what I said’ etc etc very truthful at the best of times….. (that is partly why I rarely post sermons, but generally admire those who have the courage to do so).


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