Poetry thoughts and blogging

I rediscovered this book of poetry a few days ago. Poetry only really began to mean something to me a few years ago: I finally ‘got’ what poetry could mean and started to explore. The poems of Wendell Berry often speak to me: earth, space and slow thinking & being.

I put the book down after flicking through it for a while: no time to read. I sighed- the way life is at the moment means that I do not have the space that I always crave. Don’t get me wrong; I love the place I have ended up in, but the longer spaces for contemplation that I managed to carve out in full time ministry have become somewhat eroded.

That sigh confirmed something I have thought for a while now: soon I will cease blogging, or at least daily blogging. I have ran this blog from June 2008: it was an experiment that I started in a sabbatical and from February 2009 I have blogged daily. That is somewhat startling realisation, but I never found it that hard- something would always come up in moments of contemplation that I wanted to write about. I have come to realise that not everyone thinks like that: before I started I just assumed that everyone had long periods of introspection.

That moment is planned to be on Epiphany- a time for realisation and new direction…and maybe for me, a time for carving out new spaces for contemplation.

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    1. Thank you- I am not sure yet what I’ll do- I know from Jan 6th I am in a panto & then my youngest’s burgeoning cricket career kicks in with a bewildering variety of winter nets (13 yr old leg break and googly bowlers who can impart sharp spin are a rare commodity, apparently).

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