Starting again…

(Me with my baby sister when I was 3)

I began this blog back in mid 2008. Once I’d hit my stride, I managed about 8 and a half years of daily blogs before I stopped (it isn’t actually that hard once you get into the habit). Since then, I’ve had some brief flurries of posts, threatened to start again and then stopped. It is nearly 8 months since I last posted.

But I want to start again.

When I began blogging, my life was very different: I was a full time minister in church ministry and I wanted a space to explore doubts and questions when I didn’t feel free to explore them. Blogging led to new connections with like minded souls, some of whom have become new friends. It also meant that I didn’t feel so alone & gave me courage to be more ‘real’ in everyday life.

I want to start again.

Life is very different: I go out to work (I’m a full time mental health chaplain for an NHS Trust), I come home and I have evenings and weekends: nearly 5 years on from that change, I’m more ‘private’. In my family and friends, one child has left home and the other is no longer little, one of my friends has retired and another may do so soon and for the first time I am aware of the death of contemporaries.

Life has also ‘speeded up’: I don’t have the time for writing and contemplation during the day that I once found so important to keep me earthed. Additionally, much of what I do during the day cannot be shared in public, apart from in the abstract. Twitter/facebook etc help, but they are much more instant and not so reflective; too much of them leads to me speeding up (and not in a good way).

I am going to start again; to see if I can reconnect with a deeper, more thoughtful way of living.

I hope that some people will join me…

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