Switching on

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I am restarting work today after a week off.

Even after over 18 months I am still amazed that when I start work, I have to ‘switch on’: mobile phone, email etc. This is because when I am on leave I cannot be contacted, receive phone calls that say ‘I know you are on leave, but…’ or get calls at the door and say ‘Could you just…’

When I was a full time minister this happened- not a lot, but it did. I never really minded: it was just part of what you did.

However, now I am an employee, I have noticed that when I am ‘off’- I am truly ‘off’: ‘free’ if you like. I realise that for most people this is normality, but for me it is a very pleasant feeling; as with Brexit, being on leave, means being on leave.

So, when I ‘switch on’ I do so from a position of almost complete relaxation. Even after over a year and a half, I can’t tell you about how good that feels….

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