Whatever shape and size

There was a time as a minister that I was concerned about who was preaching at a particular church each Sunday. Maybe that had validity: I still remain of the opinion that there are some who preach/lead worship who perhaps shouldn’t have got the nod or who could use some coaching/mentoring.

Now I am not so worried: it doesn’t matter really. At the moment that I stood up, preached the house down (or whatever egotistical phrase you choose) and felt good about myself, I probably got in the way. Likewise the moment I dragged myself to preached, missed most of what I intended to say, the light maybe shone through.

Cos when I go to a church, I am mostly just glad that someone bothered to lead and it doesn’t matter what shape and size they are or how articulate they are, just so long as they let the light in and don’t stand in the way.

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