I haven’t really got a regular place of worship yet. So much of life is in flux and things have not settled down yet.

A couple of months back, I had intended to be at home whilst my wife took the children to something called ‘The Sunday Breakfast’. This was something I helped set up a few years back. It has waxed and waned but somehow kept going. It is about half an hour of interactive worship, all ages, around breakfast tables in the local village hall. I used to lead every one.

Except, my wife could not take them: a sudden family illness meant that she had to be elsewhere. So I took them, thinking that I wanted to be elsewhere: I don’t want to be Banquo’s Ghost.

The funny thing was, after being initially nervous, I felt at home and no one put me in the spotlight. I could worship quietly doing all the low key interactive stuff that I used to lead. The noise and the mess was somehow strangely stilling and restful.

I went back the next month and will be there today- the 9th anniversary and the last in the village hall before it moves to a new community/church space.

If I feel anywhere at home in this time of uncertainty, it is there: short, simple. less words, all together, without artifice or preacher’s ego and warm.

It is good to recognise an oasis in the desert from time to time.

3 thoughts on “Worship”

  1. Hi Graham have you heard the new Bill Fay album? I reckon that some of the tracks could make you Friday Music blog. So thought provoking. Bill’s spirituality really comes across.

  2. Hi Graham, Bill is well worth looking up on goggle. He had two critically aclaimed albums in the early 70’s then was dropped by the record company. He suggests from some of his lyrics that he went back to work in factories. He wasn’t forgotten though and eventually persuaded to record some new songs which were released in 2012 , 40 years later on an album “life is people”. Much to my delight he has just released another album called “who is the sender”.
    I love both of them and they are well worth down loading. Don’t think Bill tours though as he is now 70 which is a shame. He did do a track on Jules Holland’s Later in 2012.
    Let me know what you think.
    Regards Jane

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